Paper-free, worry-free online music contest management.

Here are some features you’ll love about

  Contest Management

Organize your music contest all in one place - generate invoices, manage staff and other users, upload performances, and more.

 Performance Evaluations

During the contest, judges upload their performance evaluations online. Scores can be viewed on the website within minutes and can be easily exported.


There are tools for everyone involved - contest staff, school staff, volunteers, judges, and accompanists.

Who benefits from

Spend less time preparing for your contest

Make the day of the contest efficient and smooth

Require fewer volunteers

Pre-enter student performance information

Monitor scores and results in real time

Save invoices and comment sheets in pdf format

Eliminates handwritten comment and scoring sheets

Edit recent comments and scores, built-in scratch pad

View your customized schedule (rooms and times)

Scoring results available quickly on a projected display

Contests have less chaos and more organization

Judges focus more on the performance and less on paperwork

Accompanists may be assigned to specific performances

Access a searchable list of all performance entries

View your customized schedule (rooms and times)

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