is an annual membership which lets you manage unlimited contests. We have a simple pricing model based on the size of the contests you will run (number of participating schools).

Participating schools do not pay any money to – although we encourage every school to leverage a District subscription (or consider the Single plan) for internal contests!

Plan Contest Size Annual Cost Concurrent Contests 1
Single 1 $99 1
Small 5 $299 3
Medium 10 $399 5
Large 20 $499 8
XLarge Any $599 10
District 2 Any $999 Any

1 Concurrent Contests Each subscription level allows you to maintain 1 or more concurrent (simultaneous) contest websites within (up to a maximum of 10 for XLarge subscriptions). This feature allows larger organizations to have multiple contests within the same or overlapping timeframes. Each contest website is normally opened for business days or weeks in advance of the event for the uploading and management of the performance data, schools, judges, and accompanists.

2 The District Subscription is ideal for larger school districts that anticipate the need for more than 10 concurrent contests (websites). This comprehensive subscription plan allows a school district (or equivalent organization) to create as many contest sites as needed for itself and its member schools for as long as the District annual subscription is maintained.


If you need to upgrade your plan, you will only need to pay the difference between plan sizes. Upgrading will restart your subscription period, so that you will have a full year on the new plan.

Fine Print

  • Sales tax will only be collected from for-profit institutions (such as a music school) located in Texas, where is a registered business. Most public and private schools are non-profit institutions and therefore no sales tax will be collected.
  • Sometimes a contest will subdivide one school into separate entities to simplify scoring and reporting, such as the Choral department being separate from the Band. These will not constitute additional schools for the purpose of pricing a contest.