If you are a middle school or high school band director (or staff member), you know that rehearsal, preparation, and realistic practice for regional and state-wide music competitions are essential elements of overall student performance and satisfaction. Taking part in local Solo and Ensemble contests helps to prepare your students to excel and reduces their anxiety regarding “what to expect” at these judged events, especially at the regional and state level.

School band directors should expect each contest in which they pay to participate to be conducted in a professional and cost-efficient manner. When Solo-Ensemble.com is used for local Solo and Ensemble contest management, it allows the contest director to make better use of their volunteer labor force and greatly simplify the work of the contest staff, allowing everyone to focus on making the student and band director experience more enjoyable.

Because band directors and staff know their own students, having them enter the student and performance information reduces spelling and data entry errors such as student names and performance titles. The student names and/or performance data can be updated online after the initial data is provided. During the contest, student performance scores are available instantly, online via any internet-connected computer or mobile device. Full judging information (scores, comment sheets) can be downloaded in spreadsheets and printable formats. Contest results may remain available online for days or weeks following the contest.