The short answer is Yes!

Because all aspects of managing software are on the Internet, it is possible to have remote student performances, remote Judges, or even an entire contest performed online instead of in person.

Obviously a system for video streaming between the performers and the Judges must be established. Applications such as Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger are able to use cameras built in to most tablets and laptops to connect users (you will need to give the application permission to access your camera and microphone).

To support virtual contests, facilitates using services like these by introducing Video Channels as a part of our Session structure for scheduling. Contest Staff first set up their Sessions with specific dates and times, then schedule video links using whatever platform they wish (e.g., Zoom). Then for each scheduled event, Contest Staff create a Video Channel item that includes a title, a URL (web link), and informational text including passwords and usage instructions.

Contest Staff, Accompanists, Judges, and Schools who are assigned to a Session will then see this link; once the link becomes active (at the appropriate date and time) when anyone clicks the same link they will be taken to the same virtual meeting. Keeping these links private (as opposed to posting them on a school web page visible to the public) prevents unwanted guests from joining the video meetings, a phenomenon known as “zoom bombing”.