A Solo and Ensemble contest event can be as small as a single school or as large as an entire district with dozens of participating schools. Every school that participates in a contest that uses Solo-Ensemble.com will receive their own customized Main Menu for each contest, with a single login identity (see the image below). All persons added to a School Staff have identical privileges within the School area of a contest.

From this Main Menu the teacher or band director can add, remove, edit, and view their student performances, review the judging results for an ongoing or completed contest, download comment sheets, invoices, files, or view messages from the contest staff.

Every School can view the time blocks and rooms to which they have been assigned by the Contest Staff. In Solo-Ensemble.com these time blocks are called Sessions. Each Session can have many items assigned to it, such as a Room Number, a School, one or more Judges, Accompanists, or Contest Staff, or even general resources such as student volunteers or specialized equipment (such as a Marimba).