As shown on the Dashboard page, each member of only needs to manage a single login identity, yet they can enter contests in specific invited roles. The relationship between these roles within the overall environment is shown in the picture below. A tutorial video on our YouTube Channel provides a narrated walk-through of this image. provides Accounts as annual subscriptions. Account Owners are typically someone like a Fine Arts director at a school or a district. Each account allows to create one or more Contest Sites. Each of these sites is a fully independent website with its own colors, images, and permissions. members become associated to a Contest Site by obtaining a special 5-digit code and entering that on their Dashboard page. Contest Staff see these codes necessary to give prospective Accompanists, Judges, and new Contest Staff members on their Main Menu page. With these codes Accompanists, Judges, and Contest Staff join a contest directly from their Dashboard.

School Staff member roles may also join from their Dashboard page. However if their School joins a new contest then all members of the School Staff will see the new contest appear on their Dashboard page automatically. School Staff members can view their membership codes (to add more School Staff members) on the My School Account menu of the Dashboard.